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31. Effects of rotation speed on microstructure and mechanical properties in Ti/Cu dissimilar friction stir welding

           Y. Lee,  W. Jeong, S.E. ShinD.G. Lee

Korean Journal of Metals and Materials 59 (2021) VIEW  (I.F. 1.324)

30. Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Ti-20Mo-0.5EB Composites

           S. Bae, W. Jeong, S.E. Shin*

Journal of Korean Powder Metallurgy Institute 28 (2021) 1-7  VIEW   

29. Effect of heat treatment on the microstructural and mechanical properties of Ti6Al4V-equine bone 


           W. Jeong, S.E. Shin*, H. Son, H. Choi.

Materials Characterization 179 (2021) 111361   VIEW   (I.F. 4.342) 

28. Investigation of work hardening behavior in multilayered steels architected by twinning induced plasticity         

steel and martensitic steel during uniaxial tension

          M. Liu, J. Lin, S. Nambu, P. Wang, H. Chen, S.E. Shin*, L. Zhang, T. Koseki.

Materials Science and Engineering A 811 (2021) 140996  VIEW   (I.F. 4.652) 

27.  Improvement in the anisotropic mechanical properties and formability of Al-Si-Mg-Cu-based alloy sheet

          J. Jeon, J. Shin, S.E. Shin, D. Bae.

Materials Science and Engineering A 799 (2021) 140199 VIEW   (I.F. 4.652) 

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