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35.  Effect of geometrical parameters of microscale particles on particle-stimulated nucleation and recrystallization texture

       of Al-Si-Mg-Cu-based alloy sheets

         Jonggyu Jeon, Sangjun Lee, Joonseok Kyeong, Se-Eun Shin *, Heon Kang*
        Materials (2022) VIEW   (I.F. 3.748)

34.  Biocompatibility and corrosion behavior of heat-treated Ti6Al4V-equine bone nanocomposites 

          W. Jeong, S.E. Shin*

Journal of Materials Science 57 (2022) 18051–18061 VIEW   (I.F. 4.220)

33. Aluminum matrix composites reinforced with multi-walled carbon nanotubes and C60 manufactured by laser powder bed fusion 

          S. Yoo, N. Takata, M. Kobashi, S.E. Shin*

Journal of Materials Science 57 (2022) 17984–17999 VIEW  (I.F. 4.220)

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