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26. Manufacturing aluminum/multi-walled carbon nanotube composites via laser powder bed fusion

         E. Lee, S.E. Shin*, N. Takata, M. Kobashi, M. Kato.

         Materials 13(18) (2020) VIEW  3927 (I.F. 3.057) 

25.  Recrystallized fine grains induced by nanoparticles in Al-Si-Mg-Cu-based alloy sheets

J. Jeon, J. Shin, S.E. Shin, H.Choi, D. Bae.

Materials Science and Engineering A  791 (2020) 139791 VIEW   (I.F. 4.652) 

24.  Effect of powder morphology and chemical distribution on properties of multicomponent alloys

        produced via powder metallurgy

S. Nam, S.E. Shin, J.Kim, H.Choi.

Metals and Materials International (2020) VIEW   (I.F. 1.8) 

23. Microstructure and mechanical properties of titanium-equine bone natural nanocomposites

W. Jeong, S.E. Shin*, H. Choi

Metals 10(5) (2020) VIEW  581 (I.F. 2.259) 

22.  Study of deformation behaviors of martensitic steel quenched at ultralow temperature

M. Liu, J. Lin, S.E. Shin*, P. Wang, S. Nambu, L. Zhang, T. Koseki.

Materials Science and Engineering A 785 (2020) 139399 VIEW   (I.F. 4.652) 

21.  Evaluation of factors influencing the lath martensitic deformation behavior of multilayered steels

S.E. Shin*, S. Nambu, H. Kim, J. Inoue, T. Koseki, S.-J. Lee.

Materials Science and Engineering A 785 (2020) 139353 VIEW   (I.F. 4.652) 

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