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20.  Microstructure, mechanical properties, and damping capacity in stir zone after friction stir welding of   

Fe–17Mn damping alloy

S.-J. Lee, S.E. Shin, K. Ushioda, H. Fujii.

Journal of Alloys and Compounds 803 (2019) 1155 VIEW   (I.F. 4.157)

19.  Microstructure and mechanical properties of pure titanium processed using friction stir welding

(순수 타이타늄의 기계적 특성에 미치는 마찰 교반 용접 공정 조건의 영향)

Y.J. Lee, A. Choi, S.-J. Lee, H. Fujii, S.E. Shin*, D.G. Lee.

The Korean Society for Heat treatment 32;3 (2019) 124 VIEW   (I.F. 0.617)

18.  Hydrogen embrittlement in multilayer steel consisting of martensitic and twinning-induced plasticity


S.E. Shin*, S.-J. Lee, S. Nambu, T. Koseki. 

Materials Science and Engineering A 756 (2019) 508 VIEW   (I.F. 3.414)


17.  Friction stir welding of multi-walled carbon nanotubes reinforced Al matrix composites

S.-J. Lee,  S.E. Shin*, Y.Sun, H. Fujii, Y.B. Park. 

Materials Characterization 145 (2018) 653  VIEW   (I.F. 3.220)

16.  Fatigue behavior of Al2024 alloy-matrix nanocomposites reinforced with multi-walled carbon nanotubes

S.E. Shin, D.H. Bae. 

Composites Part B  134 (2018) 61  VIEW    (I.F. 4.920)

15.  Electrical properties of polytetrafluoroethylene/few-layer graphene composites fabricated by solid-state


J.Y. Suh, S.E. Shin, D.H. Bae.

Journal of Composites Materials 51 (2017) 2565 VIEW    (I.F. 1.613)

 14.  Mechanical and thermal properties of nanocarbon-reinforced aluminum matrix composites at elevated


S.E. Shin, Y.J. Ko, D.H. Bae.

Composites Part B 106 (2016) 66  VIEW    (I.F. 4.920)

13.  Development of press-and-sinter Al2024 based nanocomposites reinforced with multi-walled carbon


S.E. Shin, S.M. Moon, D.Y. Lee, D.S. Lee, D.H. Bae.

Journal of Composites Materials 50 (2016) 3619  VIEW    (I.F. 2.892)

12.  Multi-functional magnesium alloys containing interstitial oxygen atoms

H.Kang, H.J. Choi, S.W. Kang, S.E. Shin, G.S.Choi, D.H. Bae.

Scientific Reports 6 (2016) 23184  VIEW    (I.F. 4.122)

11.  Effect of wrapped Zn plate on the densification of Al-MWCNTs composites produced by cold pressing and

liquid phase sintering

M.R. Joo, H.J. Choi, S.E. Shin, D.H. Bae.

Materials Science and Engineering A 674 (2016) 91  VIEW    (I.F. 3.414)

10.  Strengthening behavior of carbon/metal nanocomposites 

S.E. Shin, H.J. Choi, J.Y. Hwang, D.H. Bae.

Scientific Reports 11 (2015) 16114  VIEW    (I.F. 4.122)

 9.   Deformation behavior of aluminum alloy matrix composites reinforced with few-layer graphene

S.E. Shin, D.H. Bae.

Composites Part A 78 (2015) 42  VIEW    (I.F. 4.514)

 8.  Strengthening behavior of few-layered graphene/aluminum composites

S.E. Shin, H.J. Choi, J.H. Shin, D.H. Bae.

Carbon 82 (2015) 143  VIEW    (I.F. 7.082)

 7.    Fabrication of tungsten-based composites by solid binder mixing and sintering

J.Y. Suh, S.E. Shin, D.H. Bae.

Powder Technology 283 (2015) 401  VIEW    (I.F. 3.230)

 6.   The effect of grain size on the mechanical properties of aluminum

G.Jeong, J. Park, S. Nam, S.E. Shin, J.Shin, D. Bae, H.Choi.

Arch. Metallurgical Materials 60 (2015) 1287  VIEW    (I.F. 0.571)

 5.   Micro-alloying assisted consolidation of aluminum/carbon nanotubes powder

S.E. Shin. H.J. Choi, D.H. Bae.

Materials Science and Engineering A 599 (2014) 46  VIEW    (I.F. 3.414)

 4.   Strengthening behavior of chopped multi-walled carbon nanotube reinforced aluminum

matrix composites

S.E. Shin. D.H. Bae.

Materials Characterization 83 (2013) 170  VIEW    (I.F. 2.892)

 3.   Electrical and thermal conductivities of aluminum-based composites containing multi-walled carbon


S.E. Shin, H.J. Choi, D.H. Bae.

Journal of Composites Materials 47 (2012) 2249  VIEW    (I.F. 1.613)

 2.   The effect of the size and volume fraction of Zr2Cu on the sintering behavior of tungsten matrix

composites during liquid-reactive sintering

J.W. Park, J.Y. Suh, S.W. Kang, S.E. Shin, D.H. Bae.

International Journal of Refractory Materials and Hard Metals 43 163 (2014) 157  VIEW    (I.F. 2.606)

 1.   Formation of an interstitially alloyed phase in Mg/C60 composite.

J.H. Shin, S.Y. Yoon, H.J. Choi, S.E. Shin, D.H. Bae.

Metals and Materials International 19 (2013) 851  VIEW    (I.F. 1.952)

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