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(Click VIEW to see each paper, I.F.: JCR * corresponding author)


44.  The effect of thermomechanical treatment on the electrodeposited Invar alloy for FMM
       J.B. Kim, J.H.Lee, I.G. Kim, Y.B.Park,  Se-Eun Shin*

       Materials Characterization 210 (2024) 113809 VIEW   (I.F. 4.7)

43.  A comparative study on the wear behavior of dual phase (DP) steel and quenching and partitioning (QP) steel

         Dong-Kyu Kim, Hye-Jin Kim, Seoyoon Gong, Se-Eun Shin, Seung-Joon Lee*
        Tribology International 194 (2024) 109445 VIEW   (I.F. 6.2)

42.   A new strategy for developing interfacial bonding using non-metallic atoms in carbon nanotube-reinforced aluminum   

       S.H.Bae, M.R. Joo, Se-Eun Shin*, D.H.Bae*

      Materials Science and Engineering A 893 (2024) 146128 VIEW   (I.F. 6.4)

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